TODOs ? nope.

Make lists of tobedones for yourself, for everyone to follow or to collaborate on with your friends/coworkers.

Some stories that you, dear user, may encounter using this app :

  • Organize your todos by lists (for example, one list per project you have)
  • Work on one list with a scrum taskboard.
  • Decide if you want a strong process or a flexible one (the last one offers drag and drop capabilities)
  • Detail a todo item with rich text, optionnaly
  • Send to your email inbox a list of todos
  • Make a list public with a sweat url, and count your followers !
  • Be just like home because your gravatar will be there
  • Feel good using this application because it's free and an humble developer is working on it almost every day
  • Wait for it : collaborate with anyone you want. That's right.